audi tt roadster 03 reg remapped from 150bhp stage 1


aud tt roadster
hello.i had this remapped on stage 1 as to me it used to be gutless compared to how it looks.initially its made a lot of difference to both acceleration,engine sound and for some reason more economical too as it was only doing 18mpg at worst.

however the speed and difference in engine soung which sounds like the turbo whoosh is not consistent and at times the car drives only a bit faster than standard and the turbo sound quietens down.

when you turn the ignition off and on straight away the extra boost comes back.i had it re tested by the remapped and could not find any faults but said diverter valves are prone to going wrong so recommended i changed that.

i replaced it with another but its not an uprated one so did little or nothing.ive changed air filter into a performance on,coli packs spark plugs but still does the not so fast mode.i have no warning there a different type of diverter valve i should be using and if so what model number please.the remapped told me from 150bhp has been increased to 30 or 40 more bhp
It sounds like it's going into limp home or protected mode. Is it overheating at all?

Does it feel like there are flat spots or misfiring at certain points in the rev range?

A diverter either works or it doesn't, an uprated one make little difference but might last a bit longer IMO.

Have you tried using vpower or high octane fuel?
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Have you changed the fuel at all, gone from super unleaded to just unleaded perhaps? What performance air filter have you used, does it involve oil on the filter and if so is the MAF now coated in it? You have changed the sparkplugs but are they right for the car? Just because the sparkplugs are all singing all dancing this is absolutely no guarantee that you're car will like them. Is the sparkplug gap correct? It does not take much for the performance to disappear, so make sure you're little tweaks have not made matters worse. It does sound like something is causing the ECU to either go into limp mode or the ECU does not recognise a certain parameter that the car is putting out, i.e. fuel richness, air flow, air leak from a hose for instance. Again, just because no warning lights are displayed does not mean that something is not drastically wrong. Get the car plugged into a proper tech 2 diagnostic machine with the correct software for the Audi TT, and NOT one of those generic reading units that simply guess at what the problem might be.
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