Audi TT owners say hello here!

Hi i am a new member to the site just part chopped my a3 for my second TT 2.0 T FSI roadster realy nice motor hope to pick up some tips,thinking of tarting up the calipers without going to much overboard.
Hi there wmjrk02 and a warm welcome to TorqueCars. Sorry I missed your post. I quite like the TT's. If you want to tart up your calipers you can either paint them yourself or fit some bigger aftermarket calipers which come with a coloured finish. It would be a good chance to uprate your brakes. You might find the Boxster brakes fit your wheels and stud pattern so there might be a set of brakes in a breakers yard with your name on it. ;)
Hello all.Newbie here from Australia.I have a '00 model quattro,no mods as yet but would like to remap/rechip the computer,more boost,blowoff valve,etc but sadly havent found any decent info on the net withour first handing over my hard earned cash.
hey and welcome.
remap all the way mate 2000 will but that as the 150 engine so you should be looking at close to 190-200 depending on the mapper.

unfortunalty these engines are setup as for a recirculating valve (diverter valve). if you fit a blow of valve then the car will run lumpy and rich when changing gear as the ECU will be looking for the extra air. a forge 007p gets my vote, i run this on my bora (jetta 4) same engine and sounds good.

change the downpipe and cat as these are very restrictive
you can but some are some people are reporting that they still arnt running right even with the valve set to fully recirc. swapping back to a fully recirc one and its back to normal.
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You will have to blow the cobwebs of the short cut to this section..:lol:
Ive got a TT, V6 3.2
Greetings Guys! My name is Steve and I live in Ventura California. I drive a medium modified silver 2001 Audi TT Quattro 6spd. I have done a lot of things to my Audi but nothing too serious seeing as how its my daily driver. A quick run down of the big mods would be H&R coil overs, short throw shifter, Miltek exhaust, Neuspeed air intake, Samco hoses, Forge front mount, 630cc injectors, REVO software and a GT2871R turbo. There are other small things that accompany the mentioned mods, but those are the main big modifications to my Audi. Its still a wonderful daily driver and a real blast on the freeway. Looking forward to chatting with you guys.
I'm new to this forum. Own a 2002 TT Quattro Rooadster 1.8T 165 Kw, 72K kilometres, no modifications. It does 267km/h on a GPS, instead of the claimed 240 something km/h, but lack a bit of pull-away power. The emisions laws aren't as strict yet. How much power will I gain by removing the cats? Any information available on how to do it and what to do with the sensors?
they can be removed however the sensors will through a hissy fit. there was also some finding that decats were causing extra strain on the turbo.

if you want to go for it then remove the down pipe and replace with a larger one 3" is common
as for what you will gain not much on its own but get it custom mapped and you should see a nice gain
Welcome, I'll second the remap. It will be the best power gain you can get for the money. Cat removal will only give you around 6 bhp or so.
Hello Gentlemen, I just got a audi tt 180 atc,runing amsoil, and will install 3 inch down pipe with a high flow cat, how ever what u guys think about spec or clutch master, and a ten lbs flywheel, also any bolt on turbo upgrade with ball bearin avail. tx
cant comment on the clutchs as i looked into it found that i would have been looking £1000 for parts ($1500) so decided id cross that bridge if mines ever went.

no such bolt on upgrade however you 03s could be hybridised to give you a little more, using Audi RS6 parts i think you can get around 260 out of it.

are you running any mapping on it just now ?
purchased my first a 2001 TT 225Q black 37xxx mile roadster with baseball glove colored baseball interior i love it! first i put a borla cat back, APR download at gutted maf a modshack intake also nice but cheap mesh wheels with spacers and eibach pro kit springs with koni FSD shocks, a stainless 3" relentless downpipe yet to be installed, can't wait for the top down weather, today in PA its snowing!!!
2001 TT225, no mods done by me, but previous owner has done a couple of things.
induction kit
rear led lights
boost gauge in one of the dash heater vents (nicely done actually)
cat back exhaust, think it says janspeed on the tailpipes, cant remember without actually going and looking (i know, lazy ass here).
the guy i bought it off says its pushing out 280break, but ill never really know unless i get it on a dyno, which aint gonna happen anytime soon as its in dire need of some serious TLC mechanically.
congrats i hope you enjoy your new ride as much as i do! first thing is change all fluids, tranny, haldex it its an AWD. i learned lots from the very active audiTT forum in the UK plus others as i am retired and have lots of time, glad to help if i can. heres a pic of mine. paid a bit over KBB but its exceptional with 37,000 on the clock. not sure what you know but timing belt is very important 75,000 miles or 5 yrs is my time i use it should be changed, with lo miles and more time the belt is prolly most in need although a complete kit is best. i had a leg up owning a 1.8T 2001 jetta, good luck
280 is maybe a little optimistic with just a exhaust and induction kit. i say its had a remap as well but even then 270 is more like it.
as rodhotter says make sure the timeing belt has been changed not so much for the belt itself as there are sever 1.8t engines that have been tracked and still on the original without any problems. but its the waterpump you need to watch for. mines went on my 1.8t at less the 35k iirc

welcome to the site however
its not being used at the mo as i have just bought the missus an X5, something she has wanted for a while, so the TT is sat waiting for my pocket to get a little bigger so i can throw everything at it ( maintenance wise that is), i work in a garage now so i get everything i need at trade price, been a mechanic, on and off, for approx 24years (but that dont mean i know everything lol), i have my list of stuff to do before i drive it properly.
discs and pads all round.
both rear wheel bearings( done the fronts already)
full engine service (also adding slick 50)
timing belt KIT(aux belts while im in there)
water pump (while im doing timing belt)
cleaning the induction kit filter.
servicing the complete transmision (and filters if it has them), and teaching myself about this haldex system.
sending wheels off to be straightened as they are all slightly buckled.
both rear ABS sensors (already replaced both front ones)
work i have done is minimal at mo (n/s inner cv joint and boot, front wheels bearings, both track rod ends, both front bottom ball joints, and both ABS sensors as i broke them trying to remove them.
when i get a mo ill put a couple of pics up of it, tidy motor interior and exterior wise, just needs some tlc mechanically.
nice example you got there rodhotter, wife wanted the ragtop version, but after the last ragtop we had and the fact some little scroat decided to stick a knife through the roof and steal the head unit, i decided against ever owning one again lol
Just heard on the radio that Audi owners are supposed to be the most promiscuous of all drivers. Does anyone care to confirm/deny ??? lol
a little update, got the 3" downpipe in a real PIA on a 225Q! the cat or not bolts to a flange on the downpipe allowing easy switching for offroad, it really makes a difference that looking at the quick response on the boost gauge shows.
Mattias here from Sweden, I Have a Audi TT Quattro 1.8 1999 built for track days. Its the previous owner that built it, at the moment its stage 1 with ecu. The original engine is the one with 225 bhp and with stage 1 its now 245 bhp. I want to upgrade the engine to 300-350 bhp and wonder whats the easiest and cheapest thing to do to achieve goal. I hope i can get some help here. (how much bhp is possible/safe to get from the engine without changing pistons and shaft)
Hi Obione71 nicr to meet another Audi owner. I would suggest Turbo upgrades, another remap and fast road cams will hit your target fairly easily.

The standard 1.8 AGU has some forged parts and is good for around 350bhp before things start breaking. The clutch and transmission can start to have issues around the 300bhp mark if it's an auto.

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hi all, I just found this site after looking for stage one tune ideas,read the article on carbon build up. i have a 2012 TT quattro convertible , stock but gorgeous. Volcano red...Runs fabulous with now 80,000 miles on her.Might be getting a stage one chip remap and hoping it will not cause any earlier deterioration...MY tech is very competent so I trust them...
300 hp is possible on a stock turbo with mapping, intake + very importantly a hi-flo exhaust with changing the very restrictive downpipe with it. depending on cat requirements as well as emissions a 3" turbo back is optimal but many 3" cats are said not to pass emissions. on the ragtop I love it but as noted security is less!!!
Hello and welcome.

hoping it will not cause any earlier deterioration
Anytime you push something beyond its original design it will cause it to deteriorate sooner. You are going to be putting more stress on the turbo and engine; more wear is a natural side effect of this. However I wouldn't unduly worry about it if all you are doing is a remap.

If you get the modifying bug and start to want to push your engine even further you will need to look at reinforcing things so you don't explode :)
the 1.8T 225 is a stout engine said to handle up to 400 hp, but its the torque that stresses the engine as well as the clutch + of course a lot depends on how its used + maintained
I hear you,I my tt replaced an older 911 I could no longer drive, but this car is a blast, my top has hardly been up since I got it in May.big smiles when I am cruising in it.Getting older one needs to make some changes to accommodate your lifestyle and health.
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I've still got my FTO (you can see it in my pics). But for the last couple of years my daily drive has been a Mk 2 TT tfsi sport. I've not done a lot to it, just tinted windows, replaced glove box and boot lights for led's, fitted RNS-E, retro fitted cruise control, and changed air filter to a K&N. Also made up lights and wiring looms for door and puddle lights. Next job, wheels and suspension.
wheels IMO can make a ride or not. theres lots of options depending on your wallet. but for me being in Pa with poor roads smaller is better with better riding tyres having a decent sidewall that also protects the wheels + bigger is usually heavier costing performance as well as mpgs not to mention more wear on suspension parts + making suspensions work harder!!
Rod a 3 inch full mandrel bent exhaust turbo back with straight thru muffler and resonators is the first mod I have been recommending for a very long time as it allows any turbo to build boost pressure sooner and in my personal experience gave power and torque increases of well over 10% on a dyno before and after the same day . Turbos work best with as close to zero back pressure as possible.
I've still got my FTO (you can see it in my pics). But for the last couple of years my daily drive has been a Mk 2 TT tfsi sport. I've not done a lot to it, just tinted windows, replaced glove box and boot lights for led's, fitted RNS-E, retro fitted cruise control, and changed air filter to a K&N. Also made up lights and wiring looms for door and puddle lights. Next job, wheels and suspension.
Good to hear from you, sorry I missed your post buddy!
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