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My sister picked up a 2002 Audi TT last week, next day it was back at the garage (not a VAG garage) as the ABS light had come on, they cleaned off the sensors etc.. and it was fine for two days then the light has come back on again.

VAG experts any ideas on this? (dont really want to just take the bulk out like i did with the Carisma).
thanks for the tip pg - was back in the garage for the second time (still under warranty so might as well make them do the work) it was a faulty sensor so now replaced.

But now another little niggle. the fuel gauge stays at a quarter even when the car is completely out of fuel (although the computer told her the car was running out of petrol my sister ignored it and then came to a stop stuck in the mioddle of the countryside!). do you know if this is a common issue?
that would have been my 1st guess waynne but its the same sender that tells the computer that your low and need to refill hense why i was going with the gauge itself

least i think it is
Ok seems there is 2 different fuel tanks. both show under FWD and Quattro


under the second one there does seem to be 2 fuel pumps and senders so maybe VAG in their wisdom have one going tyo the computer and the other to the gauge
pretty much. think of the cheapest way of doing it but make it harder then feed it all into a purpose built supercomputer to make it cheaper and harder to do
Hey mate, glad you got your abs problem fixed, i had a sensor go down on my a3 last week so i know the feeling, at least yours was under warranty!

as for the fuel gauge problem, it is almost definately the instrument cluster, these are prone on all tt, a3 and a4's from about 98 onwards, problems can include faulty fuel readings, speedo readings and rpm and coolant readings, the units are repairable but pricey as the entire instrument panel has to be tested.

try these guys @ they are a elctronic component trade company that can test and repair any part on pretty much any car, when i had this problem with mine, they tested the unit and repaired it for £165.00.

i just had to take it out and put it back in which took about an hour total.
thanks for the feedback guys: think the best place is to run it back to the place where it came from and get them to fix it as still under warranty. this will be first port of call, if not successful then will look into it further as would rather avoid the gbp165 payout
i learned that the MK I cars had guage and display issues, there was a class action suite on the displays, module masters repair them, you remove and install and mail out, car will be down a few days, about $350 or less depending on what you need, big $$$ if you go to a d-stealer for repaip
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