Audi S3 8L boost leak


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Audi s3 8l
Hello there, just looking for a bit of advise again in my S3 8L.
I have up graded the boost pipes - I think I paid roughly £60 for them on eBay, recently I lost all forms of boost and it was just making a rumbling sound when I accelerated over about 20%

I had the car looked at by the Welsh VW Specialist who were very knowledgeable to be fair. They told me there was not much wrong with the car at all, drove well and all that it was just loosing a lot of boost though pipes blown off and being lose. I had it back for a day and it seems there is another boost leak somewhere I had a look around and couldnt find any pipes hanging off. He did say that he thought the boost pipes were not up to standard and suggested I put the old ones back on to try and fix that issue. Do you think it would be the boost pipes from eBay?
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