Audi A6 Turbo Problems ?

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My Audi is misssing thro the rev band 850 to 2000 and when I drop the revs to zero the engine shudders. Also engine has become noisy. When I rev the engine the needle on the rev counter goes up ok but does not drop down straight away. Also clouds of white smoke when I floor the accelerator. I have been told its maybe the rods in the turbo sticking ? Any advice greatly appreciated.
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Have you had it plugged into an OBDII fault reader?

Clouds of white smoke looks possibly like a failed head gasket - water in combustion chambers ? ? perhaps

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It would be worth cleaning the maf sensor as well.

White smoke does imply water or coolant to me.

Do you need to top up the fluid levels at all?
sorry not to great with the diesel engines yet. the vanes sticking can be sorted by removing the intake pipe on the turbo and spraying wd40 on the vanes and working the actuator.
the white smoke is the worrying part, if it was black then it could be overfueling due to the vanes sticking but white normally is coolant. i think that the turbo is both water and oil cooled but as i say im still working them out myself
White smoke on a diesel isn't always head gasket related....sometimes its a timing issue...

My friends mondeo had an issue with the turbo vanes sticking....we took it off and cleaned it up with methylated spirits..

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