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What do you think then?

Does anyone know where I could find a new front grill for the Audi A5 2.0 TFSI S - line where the vertical lines are over (in front of) the horizontal lines, similar to the S5 grill.

Also, what about a sports air filter?
Hi Wah, have you tried good old ebay for the grill? The A5 is still quite a new model so there is not a lot around for it yet styling wise.

Which engine do you have? Do you want the induction kit roar or just better mid to top end power? For the latter a cotton gauze panel air filter would be best.
Ebay huh? Ill check that out

I got the 2.0 T FSI !
What you think would we best?
most power?
What about a sports air filter with a cold air feed?
An induction kit with a cold air feed would be best on that for power but you should also get a Miltek exhaust system to keep the air flowing through the engine.

REMAP REMAP REMAP - it is just crying out for a remap. See what Revo can do for your engine and then tell me its not the best mod in the world to do!
I can't find any induction kits for my engine, model ? Any suggestions?

Also Revo doesn't do remaps for the A5 , SADLY :(

My 2.0T FSI produces 211 bhp, how much added hp would I need to actually feel the difference and really be happy with the result.
45hp ? to get it to around 255?
What do you think?

What about Chiptunning?
Or is remmaping better?
Also, Miltek doesn't have any exhaust systems for the 2.0 T
This one carries anything for the 2.0 T FSI A5
the induction kits for the A4 might be a close fit, after all they are based on the same chasis.
the engines should be the same as the new 2.0 tfsi used across the VAG range. note that the older 1st gen 2.0 tfsi are different

Do you suggest any particular brand of air filter, or induction kit I should look at?
K&N doesn't have anything ! Anything else that u think I could find for the 2.0 TFSI A5
a remap changes the chararistics of the standard fueling map of the car,
your A5 what is it ? a turbo engine, petrol or diesel, makes a big difference. think around 30 bhp and a shed load of torque if its a diesel as well.
if its a nasp engine its not much of a point unless theres alot already been done to the engine. you might see around 8-10bhp
wouldnt bother with it until you had done pretty much everything else,
induction, cams, head flowed ported and polished and exhaust.
on the 4.2 you might see around 12-15 bhp on a standard engine

i am new here but bought an A5 cabriolet 3.2. Wanted to put a new induction kit for power and sound aswell changing the exhause but keeo the same sound, but cant seem to find it anywhere!! anhy adivce will b helfpful!!

Welcome to the forum. There are plenty of custom exhaust companies around, Powerflow being one of the bigger franchises. They can build an exhaust to your specification for a reasonable cost.
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