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hey guys, sorry if this has been posted still searching around and getting used to the site, but come april i will be getting my hands on an audi a4 (already brought just gotta wait for insurance to come down) the car in question is standard audi a4 51 plate in black 1.9tdi,
plans that i want to do would be to:

hook up an ipod adapter/aux input,
after market HU + speakers

then eventually look to remap, lower and alloys (this will be a future car so no rush)

basically what i am asking, is how do i go about changing the HU what speaker sizes will i need to look for, i know about the audi having different harness' to hold the speakers in also. and really any kind of tips/general knowledge i should know about the car.

thanks for reading look forward to the replys :)
hey and welcome to the site.

the stardard speakers arent that bad. think they are 6.5" however you need a spacer iirc to fit them.

the head unit you will need proper keys to remove, couple of ££ its not the normal ones. should have a standard ISO harness on the back so no need for an adaptor.

and i cant remember if you need a facia to fit.

what engine is it? there are quite a few 1.9 variations ranging from 90 up to 160bhp. if it is a PD engine please ensure the correct oil has been used. and the turbo actuator moves smoothly. as they use a VNT turbo they can stick if being mainly used on the m/ways. some WD40 will help free it up
cheers for the welcome :D, and thanks for the information apart from that last paragraph im totally lost sorry, body work knowledge im fine with mechanics and engines i need simple terms haha, the engine is a 1.9tdi se i think the 115 bhp?
115 is a PD engine.
make sure you read the spec from the book - sorry my elsawin hasnt been reinstalled so i couldnt give you the spec - and use it. or just use VW own oil.

the PD engines utilise a very high pressure pump in the injector itself to atomise the diesel in the chamber - your talking around 1600bar (23520 psi). they were fantastic engine but ultimaty killed off due to emissions. isnt uncommon to see 150 engines mapped close to 200 still returning high 50mpg when driven at m/way speeds.

edit added more

the turbo can control the angle at which the air is directed into the turbo. basically in short it allows high boost levels with little spool time
cheers, that all sounds promising ( i think) and vw own oil... what problems would cause if it hasnt (the cars done 105k miles) and i cant guartentee (sp) what oils been used.
cam wear is the main problem but i think it only really effected the 130,150 and 160 models. AFAIK audi only used the 130 engine as the max one.

105k its hardly even worn in. just make sure the cambelt and waterpump have been done

if its been a VW garage thats done the work they will have used it ;)
their oil is around £35 for the 5 ltrs
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