Audi A4 FSI ecu remap and diagnostics home visit


Hi Everyone

I'm new to the site and quite new to remapping. I have been thinking about getting my A4 remapped and have been quoted £300 by a company called Red-Bitz Performance for them to come to my house and do a diagnostic and a remap.

Is this a reasonable price and is it worth doing. They claim that the remap will increse the bhp from 150 to 180, give an extra 25llb torque gains and an extra 2-3mpg extra, any ideas if this is really the results I should expect.

I have also been thinking about fitting a K&N typhoon 69, is this going to add to the overall BHP and if so does anyone have an idea on by how many?

Many thanks;)
its about average price wise

generally the 1.8t form 2003 (are you sure its an FSi ? i know the A3 didnt get thefsi in the 1.8t until around 2005) got around 205-215 from a remap and around 50ft gain or torque. try looking for a revo dealer close to you, they are VAG tuners and currently have £100 off all their remaps

re the K&N wouldnt be looking for more than a couple of german stalions from fitting it. however it will sound better ;)
i know i read A4 but i didnt think they got the 1.8t Fsi that early, i knew the nasp engines were avalible in FSI for from around 2002ish just hadnt realised that they were available in turbo for that early when the models were stil running normal injection.

if it is an FSI engine you may find that it is slightly harder to tune if your wanting to go mental with it :)
ok,just checked out the revo site and they have a few dealers near me,it didnt mention £100 off just something about special offer and contact dealer for deatils. They recon that they can increse the bhp from 150-195!!! posable??
As the discount offer was only until 31 Dec an alternative to going to Northampton is a trip around the M25 and up the A12 which gets you to my place where my son remaps. He can also come to you.

See his web site for more info and contact details:

Mates rates can be negotiated for TC members :-)

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