audi a4 1.8t remap

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Keep us updated with your car and if possible before and after dyno results as IMO that is the only/best/accurate way of knowing the exact outcome of the remap as results will vary between cars due to the health of the engine.
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Engines are usually pretty durable. Remapping won't adversely affect reliability - just keep to the service intervals, don't work a cold engine hard, don't switch off before allowing a couple of minutes idling etc.
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Let us know how you get on with the remap, we're always interested to hear feedback from owners.
Had the remap done defo feel the difference don't know the actual gains in numbers until I get it dyno'd...the turbo makes like a little screech noise I guess that's the diverter.Will take it for a propper run tomorrow as I had my 11 month old son with me sat in his batman car seat lol.
[QUOTE="stuart42, post: 290081, member: 351.the turbo makes like a little screech noise I guess that's the diverter.[/QUOTE]

IF I WERE YOU I would be more than a bit concerned about that noise as it can be worn bearings/shaft play and one of the wheels making contact with the housing.?-/

Remove the turbine inlet pipe/hose and check the freeplay to see if there is any metal 2 metal contact.
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