Audi A4 1.8T issues?


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Audi A4 1.8T
Hi to all! I am currently on the verge of purchasing a 53 plate Audi A4 1.8T and would like to hear from anyone who has, or is, owning one too. I'm interested in hearing what issues, If any, you've had and also get any advice as to best look after the car. Thanks for any advice you can give me:D
Only real issues I've heard of is lots and lots of electrical gremlins and it affects a lot of the Audi range. Crappy German engineering tbh you'd expect much more from a "brand" that's not at the cheaper end of the market :blink:
I've had little trouble at all with mine and quite a few of my friends have Audis with very little issue at all.

Specifically on the 1.8T you need to watch out for sludge build up in the oil. If the car has been regularly services with the correct VW spec oil it will be fine.

Thermostats, water pumps and rear bushings are other areas that I have known to experience problems.

Early models had loads of trouble with faulty coil packs, there was a massive bad batch but most of these have died and been replaced.
Diverter valve
coil packs - 53 plate should have the newer ones but sti;ll prone to go without warning
water pump
coolant temp sensor
brake pedal switch
Thanks to all for your posts. Got the car and its a beauty! with your help and pointers, fingers crossed, I'll be ok!:bigsmile:
go and have fun with it :)

a very good thing to buy for it is a cable for VCDS. this used to be called vagcom.

as its a 2003 you will need the newer style cable most likely (mines is an early 03 and can read all componants. wifes a later 03 and i cant read the engine componant )
cable is around £200 however. but you will save this money in no time as the dealers normally want silly money for the scans.
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