Audi A3 turbo issues


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hello everyone long time no speak

I now have a beautiful little A3 2.0tdi 140bhp S-line Quattro i love it

However the turbo , in the only way to blew up !!! I removed the old one and as I hadn't had the car long it is covered under warranty , so know after many our of blood sweat and tears I replaced the turbo , now I have a new issue the car is only producing power above about 2k rpm the turbo as far as I'm told is it is a new Garrett turbo it just weird also when you hit 3k the turbo screechs then the car jolts and the turbo pull properly

Please I need help

Are you absolutely sure that the new turbo is the same spec as the factory one?

Do you realize that some diesel turbos are the sliding vane type?
Have you checked all the connections and pipes/hoses for leaks or splits that will bleed off boost pressure and harm performance ??
Yes all vacuum pipes have been replaced with silicone and boost pipes where replaced under warranty
You need to adjust the VNT rod length/VNT 15 actuator whenever installing a new turbo.

It sounds like this adjustment is all that is needed judging by your comments and observations.
The easy way on car is to take readings from the turbo boost levels etc... via vagcom and calibrate the turbo, see this video for a few tips on the off car method..

just a update new post now about hybrid turbo, the old turbo i got sorted pull like a dream to fun speeds but now it knackered so im going for a hybrid now XD P.S my mate vxr got nervous !!!
You really shouldn't be blowing through turbos like that. Also if they replaced the first one surely they'd have had to replace the second also?

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