Audi A3 8v DSG Excessive Revving/ Fuel Drain


Audi A3 2.0 TDI
I have an Audi A3 2016 2.0 TDi Diesel 184 BHP 8V engine DSG Auto and have been recently been experiencing the following:

1. Excessive revving (above 2500 rpm) between low gear changes 1,2 & 3 when moving off from stationary or low speeds, previously smooth changing up to higher gears very quickly (always driven on Auto Driving Mode) - the car had its DSG oil changed in July 2022. Excessive revving is resulting in excessive fuel usage particularly on shorter journeys.

2. Loss of power when going above 40mph normally the turbo kicks in and the car accelerates powerfully. The car has had a full service carried out in July 2022 including all filters, air, fuel and DPF.

3. Excessive fuel consumption, a full tank approx 50 litres was used in two weeks only driving 40 miles on local journeys. Normally I can get 55-60mpg average driving in Eco Mode.

Appreciate any advice and recommendations and approx pricing for this type of repair.

Many thanks

Hi Mike,

I seem to have the exact same issue with my 2016 Audi A3 Diesel. Did you manage to find an answer?

I first experienced this a few months ago, I pulled over and restarted the engine and it never happened again till a few days ago. This time however it's not going away and mine just had a major service last week.
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