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Hi, this is my first time posting
I have a 2010 Audi a3 8p slime Quattro with the 2.0 cr (170bhp), I have recently fitted coil overs, sway bar, and control/trailing arms, I am struggling to get the back springs adjusted right the near side is always 10mm higher no matter what I do, but I have managed to get the fronts witching 1mm of each other.
I also don’t know what height is best to set it at, I don’t want it too low that I’m scraping off everything but I want it as low as I can get it, any advice would be greatly appreciated

Adjusting Rear Springs:​

Uneven Rear Height:​

  1. Check Installation: Ensure both rear springs are seated correctly in their perches. Sometimes, a misalignment can cause uneven height. Accident damage, twisted chassis or buckled components can also cause this problem.
  2. Weight Distribution: Double-check for any unusual weight distribution in the car, like heavy items on one side.
  3. Measure Twice: Use a flat surface for measurements and ensure the car is unloaded to get accurate readings - are the springs the same height when you measure them.
  4. Spring Preload: Adjust the spring collars equally on both sides. Sometimes, a slight discrepancy in preload settings can cause a height difference.
  5. Settle Suspension: Drive the car around a bit and recheck the heights. Suspension components often need to settle after adjustments.

Setting Optimal Ride Height:​

Ideal Height:​

  • Practical Clearance: Aim for a balance between aesthetics and practicality. Measure the current ground clearance and decide on a height that avoids scraping on speed bumps or steep driveways.
  • Wheel Arch Gap: A common approach is to lower the car so there's a small but noticeable gap between the tire and wheel arch. Typically, a drop of 20mm looks sporty yet practical. The sline suspension is already lower than standard so there is not much wiggle room.
  • Adjust Gradually: Lower the car incrementally and test drive after each adjustment to ensure no scraping occurs during normal driving. Coilovers work really well on these, they are much nicer than the stock sline setup so let me know how you get on - which brand did you go with?

General Advice:​

  • Alignment: After adjusting the ride height, it's essential to get a proper wheel alignment to ensure optimal handling and tire wear.
  • Comfort vs. Performance: Consider how the height adjustments affect ride comfort. Lowering too much can sometimes make the ride too harsh for daily driving.
Feel free to share more updates and any challenges you encounter. Our community is here to support and offer advice based on shared experiences.

Best of luck with your Audi A3, and enjoy the journey of tuning it to perfection!
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