audi a3 1.6 engine gone bang


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hi there to whom it may concern i am looking for some advise from all you audi modderes i have had this idea to put a 1.8 20v turbo in my a3 for ages now and now the 1.6 has got to pot i am going ahead with the 1.8t conversion was just after some advice on what i actually need to change. i no i need the engine that one is obvious do i need gearbox aswell? what about ecu wiring loom etc? any advise would be very helpful thanxs craig :lol:
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You will by far be better off sourcing an accident damaged car then buying it and you'll have more or less everything you need then just sell what's left to get some dosh back.
Preferably a car that's been rear ended.
engine, gearbox, ECU Engine loom, suspension

and if you can get it.
instrument clocks from the dash ignition barrel and keys otherwise you will have problems with the immobiliser.

a weekend you could have it in and conn3ected up
i have soursed a golf 1.8t 20v to take things off is the instrument clocks the same ? and u say suspention i have got 1.6 sport shock absorbers with 1.8t lowerring springs do i still need to change them? do i need the brakes aswell or they the same?

thanxs to both for replies
the clocks are the same but unless you have the keys and locks as well the immobiloer will need to be reprogrammed unless you can find a mapper that will remove it from the ECU.

the 1.8 is heavier than the 1.6 and have different part numbers.

brakes - id forgotten about them. yes take them and youll also need the hubs as they are different.
if you fancy PM me as im selling my porche brembo setup. all boxed and ready to go. look through my bora thread - click on my signature to see.
comes with the callipers
2 sets of pads, one hardly worn and the others not even half way
and brake lines
all thats needed is some 312mm discs which will fit straight onto the 1.8t hubs

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