Audi 80 gear linkage adjustment


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Helsinki Finland
Audi 80 1.8s 1997
Is it a big job to adjust/lubricate the gear selection linkage? Does it take long? Anyone have any idea what a garage would charge for the job?

Thanks for all replies!
It's a pretty easy DIY job. Get someone to sit in the car whilst you have the bonnet open. Ask them to move the gears from 1st to 5th and back again and you will see the linkage on the gearbox. When you have identified this area just apply some grease to it and wiggle the gears around a bit. Hey presto and job done!
Hi Waynne, Thanks for your reply! I haven't checked yet but can you actually see the gear linkage from looking from inside the bonnet? I have never noticed before. What about if it needs adjusting, would it be expensive do you think?
I really don't know what the rates are like in Finland, but I would guess you are looking at an hour or two maximum.
Hi again Waynne, Regarding my gearbox problem, I tried what you said leaving it in 1st when parked up and yes you are right, when I started the engine I depressed the clutch and left it in 1st then made sure it went in and out of 1st and then yes it went into reverse no problem quite smooth, but then I waited a few seconds in neutral then tried again, but I had the same problem I couldn't select any gears, but it's strange as I managed to select 3rd gear ok and always after this I can select 1st and reverse easily! So I really do not understand this problem, do you have ant thoughts? Cheers!

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