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Hi all i own a lovely old Audi 100 she is in fine condition 108 000 miles full service history etc.I have some nice alloys on her with 225\40\17 new tyres. Problem i have is these models although reliable have no grunt.I have searched every where for some mods but only find shocks\brake disc\air intake mods.Any one have any ideas how to get this sluggish car moving.It is an injection petrol model 2.0E.

I'd recommend a bit of head work, flowed and ported, fast road grind on the cam, bigger valves, larger injectors and an induction kit with a cold air feed should fit the bill. Increasing the compression will also lift power. You could add a turbo or nitrous but this is starting to get a little impractical.
try looking alot higher the 240bhp out of the 1.8,
JBS biggest package will take it up to 600bhp. Yup 600 from a boreing out the 1.8 to a 1.9

depending on what model you go for theres one that has the 240 as standard, best bet is to look or the AMK engine from the s3 - 210 to begin with and easier to find than the 225 engines. A remap alone will put this up to 250ish
Anything over 250 on FWD starts to get traction issues. A good diff will obviously help but there are practical limits.;)
The original post is old and the poster long gone I suspect! The 2.0E he describes is probably the detuned 5 cylinder variant in 10v form. I carried out a lot of R&D on those old Audi 5 pots and raced them. Plenty to offer but long in the tooth today.

The 20v 1.8T engines are a very competent design and will ease to over 300bhp quite easily with minimal work. |They are fast becoming the transplant engine to use.

Audi Coupe's were fwd as standard with the Quattro as an option and not always the top end model. The top ones were the Quattro turbo and in 20v form. I've done all and even played with fwd, 4wd and rwd in turbo form.
I knew the 1.8T engines were good but I had no idea they were that tunable. I want to buy a rear end written off A4T and swap as many parts over as poss to tidy up the whole car.

Any hints or tips on where to begin tuning the engine when i finally get it in? My car is just a 2.0E so im thinking upping the boost to give it about 200BHP then maybe eventually converting it to 300 - 350 BHP with 4WD conversion.

Presumably i will need to strip down the engine before i begin and replace things like the head gasket etc? any ideas who does rebuild kits and tunind bits and pieces??
to get up to 200bhp is eay enough, on the earlier 150 engines a remap alone will see 190, the later 180 midels go to around 210.
have a look for the user herb for the specs on his cupra (same engine)

standard engines are good for just over 300 bhp, limit is around 350 on most before the internals have to be uprated. Head gaskt is a crush style one that needs replaced and CANT be skimmed.

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