audi 1.8T boost

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upping the boost itself wont work as the ecu is very sensitive and will allow you around + 1 psi over top boost. really needs to be remapped to change the parameters to allow more boost and fueling
dump valve can be fitted but will cause the car to run poorly as the system runs a closed loop diverter than puts the pressurized air back into the intake prior to the turbo. as the ECU is aware of this extra air extra fuel is added in this in theory should help spool the turbo quicker as the air is partly pressured.
By fitting a dump valve the excess air is sent externally to make the whoosh noise amd the ECU still adds the extra fuel causing the car to run rich.

you can possibly get the parameter changed when the cars remapped to stop this extra air.
You'll be much better off getting a full remap done. This will allow you to use the full range of power available as PG says.

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