Atheist's Mazda 6 Sport 2.2D (220bhp)

These are some original pics when i bought her in 2013.


Hmmmmm.. might need to wait bit longer before posting pics. Will check tomorrow.
Trying again.... oiling the midnight burn...

Initial pics of my 6.

HN10 XOJ side view.jpg
The above sold her to me.

HN10 XOJ rear view.JPG
I got them to sort the paintwork out before I took her home.

HN10XOJ - LSIDE2.jpg
First thing I did was put her on 225x40x18 Hankook Ventus tyres, wash her then go take some pics. Front, right, rear and left below.

HN10XOJ - FRONT2.jpg
HN10XOJ - RSIDE2.jpg
HN10XOJ - back.jpg

Ill post some pics of the upgrade steps as I can find them...


  • HN10XOJ - RSIDE3.jpg
    HN10XOJ - RSIDE3.jpg
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Ok. Found the few simple pics of the DTUK Diesel Performance Chip install. One of the easiest mods to fit and the best value for power increase - they quote an extra 30-35bhp but I have to say she feels to be running higher than that. Will have to get on a dyno when I get chance.

DTUK install 1.jpg DTUK install 2.jpg DTUK install 3.jpg DTUK install 4.jpg DTUK install 5.jpg DTUK install 6.jpg
Didn't take me long to put it onto the top power setting obviously. The engine bays had a good clean out since then too. Look at the dust in there!
Question : why did you go for the dtuk tuning method over the remap method?

It had good reviews and is removable. Also I belong to the Mazda 6 owners club who had a discount deal with DTUK so the price was good too. Will probably end up with a remap but also considering an engine swap down the line so maybe after I have done that.
Of all the chip companies around DTUK are the only ones I've heard good things about.
The engine swap sounds interesting. What are you thinking swapping to?

Not sure mate... that one is a long way off ... unless she blows up of course. Maybe I'll look at one of the older MazdaSpeed 6 from late 2007 with the AWD transmission too. Oooooh now I want it badly.
Some Sport 6s come with the two exhaust pipes - mine didn't! :(
Still it meant I could have a custom built CAT back stainless steel one instead ;b/
Had this done in a morning for a reasonable price with modest 3.5 inch finials from a place in Leeds with a very good rep:

IMG_20141213_112254.jpg IMG_20141213_112307.jpg IMG_20141213_112239.jpg
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