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RE: Fitting a 2.5-V6 into the 180SE

Heh Guys

I can't seem to find the info here, that I saw a long while back, so I'm going to ask it again!:p

The Astina came out in a 1800 and 2.0-V6 but I know some guys have fitted the 2.5-V6 (MX6) motor to the Astina. Who has more info on this?

This is what I know sofar...
The 2.5-V6 fits the 1800 but you need to use the 2.0-V6 (626/Astina) gearbox.

Who has more detail, like drive shafts, hoses, cables, ECU etc? or where could I find someone on here to advise?
I know it has been done, so I'm looking for the details to do it!
I'm assuming one would need to use the V6 ECU but can it plug straight into the loom etc, etc? :blink:

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