Are you a Jumper?


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Deal, Kent UK
A3 1.4 TFSI 150 COD
When you see a red light (traffic stop) have you ever or under what circumstances will you jump it? (That's the top one if you are colour blind!)
I feel the same way BUT once I waited on a country road - where I could see both sets of lights for 10 minutes and nothing happened so I actually jumped the lights - I'm pretty sure they were broken my end!
I've had the same happen to me wayne except i was in town(early morning)

Theres a set of lights I pass on the way to work and TBH there slow at the best of times. But one morning just as I turned on to the road that the lights are positioned on they went red. I sat there for at least ten mins before having to drive through them, shitting my self.

Just as I went through 2 more cars pulled up, dunno how they got on.

I hate they days were it's like every light u come to goes red, usually when ur running late!
Sometimes i'll drive through just as its turning red, but i've never gone through a red light after stopping for it.

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