Are neons illegal?


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Before I make a complete cock up of myself and argue my point after being pulled over for having my neon’s on, is it illegal or not? I’ve been advised that as long as you can not see the tubes from under the body kit, its fine. I’ve also been told that every colour except blue is ok, as this is used for emergency vehicles. PLEASE help!
most of the time you are ok.i got told that blue and red was not to be used and you can only use them when you are parked as it can distracts other drives wen your moving :D
Just wire them up to a different circuit that you can switch off when you get pulled over. Most cops will just ask you 2 switch them off
Neon undercar kits are not illegal, so long as they follow a couple rules.

They must not flash, rotate etc.
Any direct light source (i.e. the bulbs or tubes) must not be seen, only the glow can be visable
Only white lights on the front of the car
Only red lights on the rear of the car
Only orange/amber lights on the sides of a car

There is no written law prohibiting the installation and use of under car neon lights, so long as they follow the few simple rules i mentioned earlier. Breaking these however, makes using the neons illegal. They can be flashing or whatever when your not in motion off the road; but whilst on the road, they must be a solid glow (no light).

Only white lights can be used on the front of the car, red on the back and amber/orange on the side, this is true. Only these colour lights can be shown on the car whilst in motion on the public highway. For example, the small windscreen lights (the ones you attatch to your windscreen wipers) are illegal because they are a blue LED light that is visible from the front of the car.

Hope this helps :)
under cars neaons are completly illeagle .shows only
the rule book states that if the glow is seen not the bulb and theres no flashing or strobing then ok but police can now do you for miss use of light bulbs so i recomend not bothering on the highway .youll just get grief
If you say "under cars neaons are completly illeagle" then say that "if the glow is seen not the bulb and theres no flashing or strobing then ok" it doesnt make sense. Thats basically what i just said ;)

I've been informed from reliable police source that under car neon lights are not illegal so long as they follow the rules on no flashing, or no direct light visable. Of course, installing and using neons on the highway will attrack police attention, as well as other road users' attention, but it is not illegal as there is no written law prohibiting them. Some states in America however, do prohibit the use of them.

The police cannot hand out a fine or penalty for using them (so long as your county/state allows neons) but they can request for you to switch them off. After being asked to turn them off and you not doing so, will result in a penalty of some form.

There is a massive controversy over neon lights, and i am not certain of the law covering all of the UK. However, i have driven past police before at night with my neons on and have nad no trouble what so ever. :)
daaft im not here to pic a silly argument with you .theres no real do or dont in the mot law but the police have a different rule book
i have had various neon sets when they were deamed cool and some officers dont mind some do and some know the rules went to court and had a hefty fine do what ya want i got charged for miss use of light bulbs and payed the price even have the document to state there illeagle but if your police officer says there not he obviously doesnt know the law and what hes preaching ....

your choice ..

only lights allowed on a vehicle is white or yellow front depends on european law
red on the rear
amber front rear and side for indication .or marker lights depending on length of vehicle

any thing else glow or otherwise is a contravention
None of it is illegal. The term your looking for is unlawful.

If it's unlawful for the light source, reflection of it whether called a glow or something else then why bother fitting them? Unless it's for off road or show use. It's like fitting the silly blue LED front marker lights. They are not road legal. Not illegal, just unlawful, mind.

Fitting front marker lamps (sidelights) that have a blue coloured envelope, thus making the light emitted close to white is quite acceptable. And is a good idea in my opinion as it makes the orange indicators stand out very prominently.
Take a look at my pics in user images ok I have undercar & have them on all the time at night first time yep got stopped & told to turn them off....Now I drive with the rear one turned off & the front is tilted more back so it just shows a glow on the road.I have not been stopped since..the rear is on a switch so can turn on if in a car park etc..yes ur right on the seeing the a nutshell tubes must not be seen & glow must be more on rd this still looks cool at night the reason my rear is off is the rear of a car is always higher so hidding the tube is hard..:p
When you accelerate hard the rear dips down.

"Officer I was speeding so you couldn't see my rear neon tubes" could be an interesting excuse to use if you get stopped!
LOL:toung: This might be the answear to another post I mentioned on speed cameras & My front plate,when Im speeding & front goes up,then my front plate is straight
when i got pulled over i got told its people can get confused esp when they are blue, my reply was "what kind of moron would think a police car has blue neons under the car, seriously" the officer just laughed and said well its the law,

only white and amber can be shown at the front, amber at the side, red white and amber at the rear, so all that rubbish about its ok if you cant see the tube is bs,

it also depends on the officer behind the wheel most cant be bothered to pull you as long as your not driving like a tit

i agree i dont see the problem with neons, they dont distract drivers, street lights are more of a bloody distraction, as are cyclists in the dark, Brightly lit take aways, so why are neons stupid country
This dont really answear the question But I drive every night with my Undercar LEDs on Last week yep I got stopped was about 9.45pm .

I said Ohhhhh Sh?? ya do LOL,anyway down came my window undercar still on...he said I noticed you hav,nt changed your illigal number plate yet as our camera didnt pick it up..Anyway sorted that as showed them some legal ones in the boot..back to the point conversation broke out as they were ok about the whole thing, didnt mention my undercar once.

they say to me nice car must of cost you a bomb.& also my son plays on a PS2 with a car like this supra..then was make sure you change the plates asap ok,,I said yep ok ,,& drove away with undercar still on..

So to this date I still drive with them on at night .BUT this dont mean that I can,one night a traffic car will probbo stop me & tell me to turn them off ..Ive gotta mention thou I dont show a rear blue only on car parks..& my front is so far back of a wide veilside it dont show much..;)
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Just because they didn't comment on it doesn't make it ok. It does depend on the officer concerned, his interpretation/awareness of the rules and what mood he is in.

Often if you have been silly but the police have no evidence they will start to get very picky over other things. Sounds like you handled it well though;)
are pink neons illegal if i do not show the bulbs or light under the car. my misses bought some. but dont know if to put em on if i am going get done for it
tuck them under the body and if you do get pulled be polite and plead ignorance. chances are they will 'educate' you rather than make your life difficult.

then leave them off while driving for a good few weeks at least

coppers are human too so if you give them attitude they will give it back (who wouldnt?) but they make your life tougher than it needs to be so just behave yourself and you should get away with it. once! twice if they like you
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