Are fast road cams worth getting


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What are your thoughts and experiences on fast road camshafts?

Are they worth it? Do they make much of a power gain? Do they kill the low down power like many other mods?
Lots of different profiles available, but you also need to have the correct valves and if possible a reworked cylinder head too extract the best. Now many people just fit the cams, personally I have no experience of this. My setup is as described above from the engine builders. For my own setup it was ruddy marvellous, low end grunt was not what I wanted, but mid to high range performance but this too works in tandem with the turbo choice. @obi_waynne knows a thing or two about these and he might be able to go in to some depth for you. Good luck sir :)
They do make a big difference. Don't go too extreme. Beware, some cheap cams are quite soft and don't last very long at all.

Setup the rest of the engine, a cam on it's own is not fully realising it's potential

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