Are extreme cambers and stanced look cars legal?


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So are those extreme wheel cambers and stanced look cars legal?

Surely construction and use regs would fail them on an MOT or is this one of those grey areas where nothing has actually been tested out and proven in the courts?

What are your thoughts on stanced cars and extreme camber settings?
The people who do it should have their licences revoked as they are a danger to other road users.
On the other hand, these people are usually driving slowly so any crash they are involved in should be minor.
Is it the look of car or the people who drive them you guys don't like? Personally I wouldn't put an extreme camber on my car but I wouldn't say you're an idiot to the owners face. Modification is a personal thing so let them do their thing as long as it not illegal or a danger to other road users. This forum is open to all modifiers after all <B
Extreme camber is dangerous as it overloads the tyre, putting excessive stress on the edge. In order for the tyre to support the car high pressures must be used, further compromising both grip and safety.

Basically, a stupid thing to do and a danger to other road users, IMO.

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