Are diesels really as clean as they say


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Just been reading about how clean the new diesel engines are and I was thinking is this just hype or are they much cleaner than they used to be?

One maker report in Aug claims that when a modern diesel sucks in air full of particles the exhaust air is cleaner than the air it sucked in.

Can we trust the car makers anymore after the Diesel emissions scandals?
Actually the new Euro 6 diesels are extremely clean burning, but they will probably cost a small fortune in replacement filters and catalysts.

The diesel has come a long way and still remains one of the most efficient ways to burn fuel in a combustion engine.

I'm sure we will still see some emissions scandals but car makers are trying hard to move on and show their green(erish) credentials to future customers.
For high mileage motoring diesel is still the way to go. I no longer do high miles and still prefer to run a diesel and havent had any problems. Just ensure you get the car with the better emissions control kit ( some are a lot better than others) and get it hot regularly so it can control the soot.

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