Are dash cameras legal in the UK


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Is it legal to have a dash camera in the UK?

I'm sure there were some rules about not filming people in public without permission and even CCTV cameras have warning signs.

So does any of this apply to dashboard cameras which seem to be increasing in popularity?
Quick search says yes they are legal and encouraged, the police force even sell their own branded one made by Road Angel.
Insurance companies are encouraging their use and using the captured evidence in claims.
little article from BBC

I have a MiVue camera in my car and van. Records HD, sound, GPS location for the whole journey, speed, GeForce and impact force with instant emergency locked recording. It even has a parking mode that records anyone/thing that moves inside a set perimeter.
mainly to prove who was in the right and wrong at accidents, more than half of Russia's car accident insurance claims are settled because of dash cam footage and the number is growing world wide. Small one time investment that could save you a lot of money and court appearances if someone claims you were at fault
In a crash the dash cam is solid evidence as to who had the green light/right of way etc.
Who was it that said "one picture is worth a 1000 words"
Having been involved in a nasty frontal collision in June 2009 (speed around 60mph) I have to say that a dash cam wouldn't have helped in that situation.

However, the other party colluded with it's 'witnesses' and made statements to Police In an effort to falsely incriminate me.

I, too, made a written statement.

This went on for nearly 4 years.

I was awarded £35,000.
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After having a clown in an Aston Martin nearly remove the front of my car on the M25 the other day, I have decided to get a dashboard cam; it is purely down to the right choice of model now.
Os I think that there are DC's that can record both front and rear negating the need for 2 cameras and they can record carpark dings when you are away shopping for some bling for your lady ;) :)

I have concealed the power cable behind the A pillar cover so there is minimal cable hanging around.

The rules over here say that one must not place any thing where it obscures forward vision so mine is mounted behind the passenger side of the rear view mirror so that I can't see the screen that would be a distraction.

FWIW my sat nav is positioned as low as possible in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
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They are legal and insurance claims liability assessors love them (I may be one of those people... ;) )

I have a MiWitness in my Scooby, front and rear, and the wifelet has the same in her Hyundai I20. The front camera is mounted behind the rear view mirror so it doesn't get in the way (cant even see it). The rear is a small item in the rear view that is easily missed).
Whilst I've not been hit (touch wood) I have witnessed a few accidents and gave my footage to those involved.

One of the most common arguments we get is in a case of one person changing lane and hitting the other. Both parties will claim they were steady in their lane and that it was the other who moved over. Without evidence no one can prove anything, the claim gets settled 50/50 and everyone loses out. Video footage showing one person failing to maintain lane discipline is 100% proof :)
Provided you don't go posting up bits of video in the public domain then there's absolutely nothing illegal about owning and using one. The roads are considered to be public places.

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