Anyone seen the Grand Tour?


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I was wondering if anyone on here has actually seen the Grand tour - the old top gear teams new show?

If so was it any good? Is it worth buying Amazon Prime to watch it? I think they should have done the deal with netflix, they would have a far wider audience.
Haven't seen the Grand Tour, reckon I pay enough with my Sky bill. I caught a couple of moments of John Bishop doing a review of the old Top Gear shows, wish I'd recorded it. Clarkson really is the master of outrageous off-the-cuff statements like saying ' It's like lifting the Queen's skirt and finding that she's wearing a thong' or another car he was reviewing he said "It's like having a partner with chlamydia, you can't actually see it but you know it's there and it spoils the relationship'
I'll probably watch it at some point as it looks like the better episodes of the old Top Gear; when they went off on an adventure. Just three guys dicking around in cars :)
No new material and all a bit awkward and false in the studio. The films were nice and the camera work was way superior to BBCs effort. The LaFerrari and Maccy P1 looked glorious in 4K driving through the American mountain backdrop. I'll watch it because I can but there's nothing new here.
If you were expecting something new then you will be disappointed. One of my friends had it streamed to his facebook page long enough for me to watch it. The deaths of three celebs was quite amusing and unexpected.
The deaths of three celebs was quite amusing and unexpected.
I didn't understand that bit, why was it painfully taking up 5 mins of life with no punchline at the end. All they came up with was "er, well let's not have a guest this week" o_O Is that all they come up with after all that build up.
As I said they all looked, especially old James, very awkward, unrehearsed even. Maybe it's the American audience that it's aimed at ?-/ The car bits were good except new American fat Stig or whatever they're calling him now(8})
Way better than I thought it was going to be Andy, clearly the guys have benefitted from an increased budget. Not for everyone maybe, but it makes me chuckle and I love to chuckle being a happy soul at heart!
I liked it aside from the "celeb" bit and the "Royal Air Force" bit. Rest was good. Although I reckon I could've gotten that BM round that track faster than Portly McGee did

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