anyone played with the old FE3 DOHC unit

Andy Pen

mazda 626 gt coupe
Hello people anyone ever had any dealings with the mazda fe.dohc 2 litre engine as this is one I'm going to attempt to get some decent HP out of by a bit of forced induction more than lightly end up with a turbo due to space (but really want to supercharge) but as the engine is quite high compression wondered if any idea's about reducing the cr safely i.e. NOT stacking head gaskets or the like.Anyone know where to get custom pistons made? Or any experience of this motor.:)
Hi Andy and welcome to TorqueCars. Look into a rebore and or a stroker kit. This will give you more capacity to play with and if done right will reduce the compression ratio. Most engine builders will be able to advise on pistons. There is a shockingly low range of sizes around so you must check first that your rebore will be compatible with a piston. But replacement pistons should be available off the shelf. Forged steel would be good as these are stronger.

(Your never too old for all of this Andy - nice to have you along. Us "oldies" are not held back by insurance costs :) )
Hi wayne thanks for the reply.Yes going down that line but pistons do seam to be a problem but trying to follow up a few leads on that front,next big problem is the wheel hubs but going to try some from the later Ge model as my GD is a horrible unit afaire so cant just change a disc as it is the hub and bearing carrier.I'll get there eventually
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