Anyone else in lockdown again


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Hey chaps how are you all? It'll be interesting to hear if you are back in lockdown where you are and what this means for your car and car usage?

I'm in the UK and we have a second lockdown, but you can at least go out for exercise, essential shopping and work if you can't work from home. It does feel like more people I know are catching the Covid thing this time around!

I'm still driving my car at the weekends to do our weekly food shop but the rest of the time it's just sitting in our garage, so my fuel bill is going to be really low this year.
In my home state we can travel anywhere but there are some silly/stupid illogical restrictions for instance I was at my local car club as an official and still has to sign in on the Covid 19 form and drivers could not share the same car BUT there is the final game of the "state of origin" footy game this week and they will allow 50,000 spectators to attend and no sign in for contact tracing.

The governments chief medical officer has been calling the shots and there seems to be no logic involved whatsoever or reasons given for the decisions she makes as she has let in footy teams ,celebrities and movie stars but nobodies were banned and only 10 at funerals and weddings and families unable to say goodbyes to the terminally ill .\B
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We got stuck in self isolation after seeing someone who tested postive for 30 mins despite wearing facemasks. So we are stuck indoors for two weeks! 5 days in and I'm getting cabin fever already!
I feel for bad you Obi and we hear that Boris is in isolation again so the high and mighty are in the same boat .
So frustrating and we feel absolutely fine, with no symptoms at all. Plus our parents are depending on us to do shopping etc, so thankfully our friends have stepped in to help out there.

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