Any DS lovers out there?


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Just joined the forum and realised what a wealth of knowledge is out there.

Does anyone have any experience of owning or running a Citroen DS? I've been looking at some early 70's models and they are truly beautiful cars. I love the idea of floating around the country in one.

I think it's those huge front wheel arches and broad bonnet - they remind me of the lines on the front of the S200.

Am I just being a sad romantic or can DS's be run as an everyday classic? How reliable are they? Will I be under it more than in it?

Anyone got any advice, tips, do's or don'ts?



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Theres a guy in my town with one in perfrect condition. The curves are stunning. He finds it pretty reliable but he is always cleaning it and tweaking the engine. Providing you drive it with sympathy you should be ok.

Welcome to the site - nice to have you along.


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A Citroen with a Maserati engine? Is that for real? WOW! Ive heard of a Lambo engine in an Alfa.

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Yep, I looked it up on Google after I wrote the last post. The Citroen SM was definitely a joint venture between them and Maserati back in the 70s. Not sure if it was a raging success but you can bet they've a cult following now - after all if Trabants can, anything can!

I recall it looking very futuristic with its headlamps all faired in behind glass, a bit like today's Honda Civic. It had a low back, and partly covered back wheels like the Honda Insight hybrid.


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yes there was a ds safari, rare as a hens tooth! thats my fav model, citroen need to re capture the magic when making the old ds, the c6 and new ds3 is pretty cool though;)


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Citroen bought Maserati in 1968 for their engine expertise. Citroen had the DS at the time, and wanted a higher performance version. They decided on a new body shape, but the transmission and suspension is essentially the same as the DS.

The SM was only made left-hand-drive, and won car of the year in the USA in 1972. It was also used at the start of the 1974 Burt Reynolds film "The Longest Yard" (released over in UK in 1974 as "The Mean Machine" I think)

Citroen sold Maserati in 1975.

The DS is alledgedly called DS because in French the letters are pronounced "Day Ess" which sounds like the French déesse (Goddess). However, earlier versions were called ID (sounds like French idée or Idea), but the first versions were just "D" I think.

The car I had was the "DS23 injection électronique" (that was on the plate on the boot lid). A 2.3 litre 4 cylinder engine with Bosch EFI. Both the DS and SM have the gearbox in front of the engine, with front wheel drive, hence the long sloping bonnet. Due to this arrangement, the EFI versions have the inlet manifold curving back over the top of the engine, which means the inlet manifold has to be removed to change the spark plugs. For that reason, do not get a DS with EFI, the carb versions are much simpler.

The car mainy rusts round the boot, and also the roof is fibreglass, which tends to expand at the edges where it is held in place. So do not buy one if you do not have a garage to keep it in. The biggest problem anyone will face on a DS is maintenance of the hydro-pneumatic suspension. If you don't know what that is, don't even think about going near one.

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