Any CRX's still going strong out there?


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Friend took me out in his 1986 CRX and it still felt like it was new. He does spend a lot of time on the car and it's only done 40,000 miles! :eek:

Any other CRX's out there in as good condition?
Friend took me out in his 1986 CRX and it still felt like it was new. He does spend a lot of time on the car and it's only done 40,000 miles! :eek:

Any other CRX's out there in as good condition?

There are a few over hear saw one the other day for sale
I took some photos of this car at ModdedUK last year. It looks fantastic in the flesh.

I'll try and upload the pics into the gallery later on.:blink1:
brother in law has1.Crx sir and boy they are like #!#!#!#! of a stick.Imported year and half ago all for the tune of £3800 35,000 miles.Bargin if you ask mi for what they are asking for some today.
thers allot for that money mine was a steal full respreyd with receipts and yes higher mileage than that but they go forever numbers dont matter on hondas n its an sir ? jdm import and it flys mate infact if you look for my thread you might be able to help
here in the USA the mighty lil CRX is still being built to embarrass the guys who says a 1liter can't beat a V8 lol. I own an 88 CRX and have my share of wins and losses
Yeh my mate has a Mk2 1.6 Vtec, and jesus are they fast fpr little car lol. He came with me to Donnington when we did a track day together when I had my scoobs. It was well funny cuz he just kept flying past all the Jap imports that were still limited to 115 lmao. He's still got the car aswell and is still strong.
update to my crx currently it's going through a heart transplant dropping in a B18c1 GSR with 12.5:1 compression and a few other bolt ons to increase the fun factor to this already awesome car :p
i was on about the fuel. what sort of fuel is it going to be run on ? US fuel octane levels are normally lower than the UKs for standard (95 ron uk) premuim (normally 99 ron now)
A tuning friend of mine is actually going to tune with 2 different fuels E85 and pump gas the highest we have over here is 93 octane. but the reasoning be hind this is the E85 is about 101 octane or a little more and the are stations all over the country but not everywhere if that makes any since and if im low on fuel i can use the pump gas with a flip of a switch that will set the ecu to retune on the fly to compensate the difference in fuel grades
Its so strange that this topic has appeared in the new posts list.

Look whats currently parked outside my house...


These things are quick. 160hp in a 1.6! couldnt quite belive it. and the vtec is awesome!
she is beeing revamp at this moment/ come to my open day and see wat shes like this time brileycoachworks open day tn17 2PT 15 may 900.4.00pm free tea and coffeeeeee all welcome
How many hours did that take to do? He will be wanting a pay rise for that effort :bigsmile:
SQUAREDOZ intro. Located, Queensland, Aust. Recently picked up a '92 Del Sol part-prepared for Club & Hillclimb work at 139,000km. 1.6 VTEC, Garrett turbo & intercooler, chipped with upgraded fuel pump, aftermarket induction, lt wt flywheel & crank pulley, HD clutch, 750cc injectors & Lenso racing rims. There's a competition valve kit & lt wt conrods, etc and work has been done on the motor. I replaced the suspension & fitted 205/50 tyres. Couple of problems under review but still a very enjoyable little car - I bought it for fun as more modern vehicles put me to sleep these days.
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