Another newbie from across the pond!

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Hey everyone,
My names Sarah,I'm 24 and I part own a irish modified car website

Found a link to this site on another one of the forums that I am on and thought I'd hop over for a look.
Must say I like the site alot,love the layout etc and all the little extra's,so well done to whoever designed/own's the site!

Site will come in handy for when myself and the other half get the new car this year,so i'll be sticking around god help ye lol

And i'll fire a link up on my site!

If ye wanna know anymore just ask i dont bit unless i have too!
Oh ya and hop over for a look 2!

Sarah :p
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Hi Sarah thanks for the comments. Good luck with your site - seems more people are getting into cruising nowadays. :wink:

Please watch this on my YouTube channel & Subscribe.