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Sadly it needs material of this type to ring any bells with some drivers.

You still see a lot of misuse of mobile phones and other handheld devices by drivers of moving cars.

I noted a bloke in a red 05 plate Astra estate on Monday 14th December 2009 at around midday on the M4 westbound between junctions 16 and 17. He was in the left hand lane and openly using a PDA with a stylus whilst moving at around 60mph.

Not good.

I can't say that I was impressed to see that the video had been tagged as 'Genre: funny videos'

Look closely bottom left of video window.
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Grim. worrying that it was in the "funny video" section.

sadly many do not understand the risks of activities that may distract you from the road ahead, should probably be broadcast on freeview or somthing, it has way more impact than the current drink-drive campaign.