Amp wont work..


Fiat Punto 1.2 SX60
I Have a Rally by Caliber amp it is 520W, it has just stopped working i have checked everything any ideas what might be wrong?

I know you you said you check everything but have you also checked...
The fuse on the remote lead?
The earth connection?

Loz :)

There isn't a fuse on the Remote wire.;)

Have you checked th fuse on the amp?
Has it got a good earth point?
How long have to had the amp?
Yes ive check the fuse on the amp and on the battery wire, its got a good earthpoint and ive had the amp about 2 months...

Ive also checked all in internals to make sure there are no loose wires and everything is fine inside.

Has it got a protection circuit on the amp? Is there a warning light on it?
Does any of the lights come on? Have you checked the remote wire behind the head unit?
Whens its plugged in the power light just flashes on and off, i checked the power lead its all fine i havnt checked the remote lead tho.

Whats the protection circuit???
could be the overload protection.

did you use proper connectors to wire the amp in ? i had an issue where the amp was staying on all the time. on closer inspection i found it was a single strand from the live wire was touching the remote line causing it to stay on.

try removing all the wiring and starting again wire up the amp but dont put in the sub this way theres no load on the amp
Going to have a look at it tomorrow i have a feeling i might need to get a better earth point for it, but i will be having a look over everything.
Ok ive checked all the wires, undone them replaced them, found a new earth point used wirebrush to get it to bear metal and yet the power button still flashes on/off any other ideas please??

think it might have blown something internal.

what voltage is on going over the rails ? both normal and remote lines just to double chek theres 12v (10-14v) going over them

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