Alloy wheels – choosing the best rims.


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Probably one of the most common styling modifications performed today is an Alloy wheel change. Alloy wheels come in a wide variety of sizes shapes and colours. Generally the larger the wheel and the lower profile the tyre the nicer it looks. There are practical limits though as large wheels will adversely affect handling and can even rub on the wheel arches on full lock. For more information on the practical side of fitting alloy wheels have a look at the alloy wheel article in tuning

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Alloy wheel styles are many and varied and can reflect the drivers taste good & bad.
Have seen some IMO ugly/ ghastly wheels on some cars that made me want to throw up.
Unfortunately the younger drivers tend to overlook the correct fitting of aftermarket wheels or those off other marques. The end result being a poorly fitting wheel to hub with the wrong nuts or bolts being used plus having no idea on the need for spigot rings. It's a little uneasy being overtaken by a single alloy wheel and tyre!
They are only an upgrade if they reduce weight which was their original purpose. Now some people change them thinking that every alloy wheel is an upgrade .

But not all "alloy" wheels are and can even be as heavy as the wheels they replace. On the other hand decent wheels can be much lighter and of course the lighter they get the more expensive they usually are.

But to get any real benefit you need to take the weight of the wheel and tyre into account
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Very true, unsprung weight is another element lost on some. I replaced my wheels for pro-race 1.2s to lower the unsprung weight. Sometimes you would think certain wheel designs would be light, but when checked they can be heavier as they need to have the strength designed back in. At least with the correct wheel combo your suspension isn't working as hard. I should see a marked difference when I fit my alloy calipers, except the bigger discs may have trumped that one!

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