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Hi, I am a new member so hello all. I have a VW Bora that has 16" Alloys with an offset of 42 I want to upgrade to a 17" wheel with an offset of 38 will I have any problems with wheel alignment?

I am looking for a set of 17"x7 VW OEM Alloys that go under the name of ARIETTA can't find them in th UK only in the USA can anyone help with either problem?

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You maybe right but they are listed on the VW OEM Alloy Wheel database as being fitted on the Golf VR6 GTI so I live in hope, I have found them in the USA but time Gordon (i'll rob you brown) puts his bit on they are gonna be rather expensive to import!

What about the offset question? If these wheels are goning to cause me to many problems once aquired I may just give up!
So the Arietta’s at offset 38 will cause me no problems with wheel alignment then:D

Thanks for the the help:love:
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wont have an issue mate. im running TT wheels on my bora 7.5", i think, wide with 225/40/17 offset is 32 and have no issues. standard was the same as you proberly 205/??/16 offset 42.
Yes 205/55/16 offset 42 glad I won't have any probs thanks everyone for the replies you have put my mind at rest.:lol:

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