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i have lost a centre from one of my alloys it is 55mm in diameter does anyone know of a wheel dealer i can get a set of centres from ebay tends to have car manufacturer ones my wheels are after market on the centres there is the initials BEO,i havant heard of them but then the car is about 13 years old so the wheels are oldish!:bigsmile:
Try either of these people gummy: or They might be able to help you or hopefully put you on to someone who can. I have used both of them for wheels and accessories in the past.

It would also assist people greatly if you can take a close up photo of the cap. Also check the back of the wheel and see if it has a stock/order/model number stamped into it which will help enormously.

Funny that, I had to buy a full set for my Hirsch wheels a month ago as the colour was starting to disappear on the inside of the cap from all of the constant knocking out of the cap so that the wheels can be balanced, tyres replaced etc.
They cost me £9.95 each plus the VAT plus delivery costs from Sweden :embarrest:
Breakers yards are always worth a try, it's a lot cheaper then buying new and they wont look overly shiny and stand out.

Call all the specialist jap breakers and import specialists and see what they have lying around.

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