Alfa 155 2.0 - Turning into a fun/track car


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Why on earth an Alfa 155?

Well, it came up, looked at me, I looked at her and that was it.

Actually, it is quite a good platform to work with. And they are cheap to buy right now.

Performance comes from a widespread torque per ton on the wheels.

Some people might confuse power with performance. For my understanding performance is made of 2 things (leaving the braking out), which is acceleration and handling.

In my books he way to improve this the cheapest is by taking out weight. As power and torque are in a direct relation I take the liberty to express the progress in power figures.

The power to weight ratio of the 155 2.0 with driver on the wheel is 84bhp/ton (92 according to the official power figures).

My first target was to attack the boot.

Looking at the boot when I opened it - hmm, seems that the spare wheel is the only thing that has got some weight.


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I looked a bit further. And a couple of hours later I had removed over 35kg of which the spare wheel was just under 16kg. Not bad for a start. There will be a little more to come from the boot, but for now I will move onto the rear of the passenger compartment.

So far removed 35kg. This makes it now just under 87bhp/ton on the wheels.

The Tesco bag is filled with bitumen taken off the panels.


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i too will soon be turning my s70r into a track car, keep up the good work.

Hope you will have the same fun as I am having with it.

I am trying to keep up the good work.

Tomorrow, I will do some more on it expecting a lot more surprises on useless weight being removed.

Start a thread on your's too.
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