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getz 1.3 gsi 5 door
Hi guys, I'm new to the forum so please feel free to have a go ☺. I have a 2003 1.3i hyundai getz. It's a great runner with really low miles so I plan on keeping at as a cheap run about but I need to get a little more out the engine. I was thinking about an induction kit or flat panel filter to start. Any ideas what's good to try or any recommendations at trying anything else?
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Hi and welcome. My opinion, for what it is worth, is that you will be wasting your money unless you are pleased by the noise that aftermarket kits make. Any performance increase noticed will be due to you subconsciously pressing the throttle a little harder in order to hear the intake noise :)

You have a car with around 80bhp that weighs over a tonne! Any small increase (some kits have shown a few bhp increase when tested on certain cars) would make buggerall difference to your car's performance.

If you are after the bling and noise, then go for it but don't expect any performance improvments.

IMO, your best bet is to get the car remapped. You will be looking at around 8% increase in BHP and an improvement in MPG if driven as before the remap. If you fit a decent free flowing intake kit the remap MAY be able to take advantage of it.


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N/A little POS hatch you want to make into a hot hatch on a budget? You'll be able to get a little out of it and you'll have fun doing it and make it more fun to drive, but don't expect miracles unless you want to drop big money into it.

First off- get rid of anything and everything that does not have a purpose. Strip that bad boy and lose weight in the car. Go as far as you can. Floor mats, engine cover, the carpeting in the boot, sound deadening material, plastic interior trim, back seats, passenger seat, headliner, muffler, carpeting- GET RID OF ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING THAT IS NOT NEEDED. This is your new mantra: If it doesn't have a use, it doesn't have a ride. Chant that at night as you fall asleep. That's your cheapest solution (for now).

Heat wrapping. This will prepare you for the next part of the journey. Wrap the hot stuff in exhaust insulation and the cold stuff in reflective tape. Cut holes in the hood, install a scoop over the SRI you are about to install. Cut a side vent to exhaust out hot air. Cutting holes only costs as much as the plastic trim piece you put over it to make it look good.

I-H-E for N/A cars. Intake-Header-Exhaust.

Go for the custom intake- I don't know the design of your intake but you may be able to remove the stock airbox and just slap on a cone filter. Engineer an air dam to keep the hot air out and pipe in cold air. Alone this won't do jack for power, but will sound cool, be fun to do and will be the first step. the stock airbox has a lot more weight than the cone filter too....

Custom exhaust. If you have emissions testing, you can't help it and there isn't much to do. But install bigger exhaust piping without the restrictions and crimps that the stock piping has, bearing in mind that if you go too big you'll LOSE engine performance in a N/A car. Do some research into what the best size exhaust piping is best for your car, lose the cats if you can get away with it. Lose the muffler, but a 4 banger N/A car will sound like crap with straight pipes, so get a high flow muffler. It'll sound badass then. You still won't increase car performance much at this point, but this is the next step.

Header- a well designed high flow header will be the final puzzle piece (for now) to increase performance for cheap. Might as well get a port and polish while the header is off and the car's in the shop anyway. This will maximize the other mods and you will have an increase of power. Do these mods one at a time as you get the money saved up for each thing. It's fun to mod and make it a long term project.

Want to spend some money now? Read up on all the other stuff you can blow a small fortune on. The sky's the limit, especially once you get SERIOUS about losing weight in that car. The great thing about having a POS cheap little econobox is that you can do ANYTHING because it is a POS. You are taking essentially nothing and you are making it into what you want. An expensive car is a Rembrandt and there's nothing to be done with those but make a nice frame to put it in. YOU have a blank canvass.

When you are done with your masterpiece, please post it here so we can make prints.

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