Air filter causing induction noise?


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Ok so I did a service on the yaris, oil and air, and ever since it has been noisier on acceleration. Cruising is still quiet. The filter is oem spec. I thought it might be the oil I used, genuine toyota but special fuel economy, so I changed that to the same Fuchs as I used the time before but still noisier.

The car drives fine, and there are no loose or split pipes and the aif filter housing is fine.

So could it just be the filter? It was a different make than last time, but could it affect induction noise that much?
Loosed all the filter housing bolts, give it a wiggle and tighten them up again. It might just be something that has come a bit loose.
I guess the given suggestions would work for you as they are the most reasonable ones. Sometimes such things do occur and handling them with getting into the depth is possible.
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