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Well the hot weather is finally here.

Are you an arm out of the window or an air conditioning user in your car or does it depend where you are driving?

I'm usually an Aircon driver but having dropped the windows and got to hear the engine and exhaust notes properly I think I'll be doing that more often.
Open window all the way.

I will admit I have been known to treat my self to a 30 second blast of freezing cold air on proper hot days!
My car is black so really heats up in the sun. I'm an air-con man myself. Use it or lose it
Down the middle on this one, love having the windows open to hear the beast properly, but as a heavy hayfever sufferer I sometimes have to close the windows and switch on the AC if the eyes start to stream a little :amuse:
Depends on the car, if I'm in the dirty deasle, then aircon, if I'm in the Volvo, well, it hasn't got aircon any more.
yep air con had to go

more power :twisted:

shut the windows leave both the sunroofs open
I like to open the window,to cool down and hear car,ac smells funny,nowt wrong with it,it just smells!!!.

The smell is from bacteria &/or fungi growing in your ventilation system, there are treatments you can buy and apply your self that will kill them off & deodorise the system or you can pay a specialist to do a thorough job for you. :)
No ABS on the 306?
Never has been fitted with it, all the connectors are there for the pump but it was an option on my spec was a special edition, it came with sun roof or air con(mines got the sun roof which is the better option tbf), front electric windows 2 air bags, and a split folding rear seat....and thats it....
Id actually like to remove the PAS, more feel when driving spiritedly..

I agree that some of the recirculating ball PAS setups can be dead in feel but rack & pinion systems have always felt OK to me. Especially those with speed dependent assistance. My old Montego and the old Seat Ibiza had 'dead' systems. Not much feel at all in these. My Primera, Pug 406 and 5 series all have/had servotronic type setups and the road feel is good.

Particularly so the BMW I have to say though a lot of this probably due to the RWD configuration.

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