Advice on tuning my new golf gti 1.8 turbo (150bhp)


West Midlands
Golf GTI MK4 1.8 T
ok well after looking at some cool gti golf vidz on youtube im very eager to make this car sound very nice and give it a bit more go :) what you reckon peeps? i want it to sound really good but nothing majorly over the top that it deafens my ears lol. sumfin noticable tho :p and what about chipin it? what you fink i should do? dont have many friends in the modding scene to ask about this stuff lol.
as above really get a decent turbo back system, uprated panel filter or induction kit, remap should see you to around 180-190bhp. if your wanting more power then look into doing an either k03s conversion which can get you to around 220ish bhp or a k04 conversion that will see you to around 260ish bhp
ahh never mind i just looked it up its the turbo isnt it hehe :p well i dont wanna go too overboard because im having a vw prely for the fact tht they are very reliable cars if serviced regular, and i dont wanna upgrade the car to the extent where its gunna do damage to the engine and parts etc :) so i think im gunna go for the turbo back exhaust and remap :p getting it to 200 would suit me fine aslong as it was quick off the lights and sounded awesome tht turned heads hehe :p
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how old is the car ? is its pre 2002 then i would say look around for the k03s as its a direct replacement and if you were to go into VW and order a new one for your car then thats what you would get as its now the replacement part.
AUM engine and youve got the 03s as standard

04 conversion isnt worth it in my eyes, for a bit more money you could have a more reliable garrett system. and not forgetting the Mk4 chassis is pretty poor it i found wheels spin in 3rd was possible at times and that was with around 210bhp

unresonated Milltek exhaust

Good induction kit - loved the sound my BMC CDA made

uprated diverter valve - OEM will most likely burst

that should be you sorted unless you want to spend a little more with inlet pipe upgrade
and intercooler upgrade
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