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Hey folks,

I live in Scotland and i own a 2002 VW Golf GTI

Its only a 115bhp and i really want to install a supercharger or turbo kit.

I am totally lost where to go!!

I would appreciate help as to where to go!!!!

Hi Rustyboy7 and welcome to TorqueCars. What is the mileage like on your golf? A supercharger would probably be your best option.

Have you done any other tuning to it?
I have just bought it, about a month ago.

I have done no tuning yet. Some exterior work, the usual stuff really - wheels, lights etc

The mileage is 40000, which is pretty decent I thought seeing as its 6 years old.

Bought if from a garage and have all the service history etc

Would appreciate any advice or contacts u have
Thats pretty good. I think you should have a chat with the guys at Awesome GTi.

The best mod you could do is an engine swap to the 1.8T and with this you could see power figures in the order of 240-350 bhp.

A supercharger would lift the power by around 40 or 50 bhp depending on how its setup, generally speaking the bigger the power gain the more internal engine work you need to do.

That is a really low mileage for the year.

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