advice for new mondeo owner?


mk3 monde 115
hi every one, i purchased a mk3 mondeo 115ps with 5 speed gear box a couple weeks ago, its going in to have a clutch conversion as soon as i get the parts as the clutch stared slipping today, it also bangs on the back end which im presuming is the bushes.

i had it remapped a few days after purchasing it, but im wanting to put more mods on it when it comes back from the garage and im wondering if theres anything i should avoid with it being remapped?

what i mean to say is should i have done my mods then had it remapped or is o.k to stick bigger inter coolers and things on with out having the map altered?

also what order of parts would you go for?
im thinking a k&n air panel first then exhaust, then a big front mounted inter cooler, and a lowering kit and alloys somewhere in between?

does this sound like the right way to go about things and is there anything else you would do differently?

many thx tippy


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2011 Honda FN2
IF you are going to modify any car IMO do your homework first.
For a turbo car I would get a 3inch MANDREL bent system from the turbo back with say a mid mount straight thru resonator and the largest STRAIGHT thru muffler/black box at the rear to keep the sound level legal DO NOT use any straight thru muffler that has louvres as they will reduce the flow.
There is little if any benefit in replacing the factory filter.
A tube and fin front mount Intercooler with as much surface area ( more important than core thickness IMO) as space allows is a must as it will cool the compressed air down before it enters the engine for more power.
I would install a boost controller BUT do not adjust it higher as that should only be done by the dynotuner due to the motor not being tuned/mapped to cope with the higher boost as it will need more fuel to avoid potential knock/detonation / engine damage .
DO NOT overlook the need to upgrade tyres,brakes & suspension as well .

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