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Hey everyone,
i am very new to all this tuning business so completely unaware of what is good and bad, i have rough ideas of course but to no great detail.

i was thinking of doing some small work to my 1.4 focus by adding an induction kit, exhaust to start with, i will do some things to the interior but my main concern is with the engine as that is what the insurance is going to look at mostly, i have spoken to my insurer who said that they do not add stupid ammounts to my costs but being young they are still going to be rather large.

as you will have guessed i am looking for a nice sound from my car and i was wondering if it would have a nice effect with both the exhaust and induction kit or weather it was only worth getting one, i have a budget of £750 so if i could get any advice/ideas as to what would be a nice addition to my car without making my insurance unpayable :lol:

also if any of you have an idea of what this would cost to get put in as i have no mechanical expertise whatsoever this would be very helpful in budgeting

i hope you can all decipher what i have just written, im not the most eloquent of teenagers :confused:

Thankyou in advance
Hi Chazit,

I have the same car as you and have done some bits and bobs, so i can give you a bit of advice :)

induction kit -
I put a K&N 75i (i think) on mine, its basically a pod filter that does where you air box is and a tube that cable ties from the grill to the pod.
I mounted mine directly to the throttle body (had to cut the battery tray abit) but it looked pretty cool.
the sound is really good, much more grunty... you can tell that much when stationary but put your car into 2nd gear and put your foot down it is sweet.

unfortunately i don't think it is good for your fuel economy... im convinced mine got about 30 miles less each tank with it on.
your looking about £60 for the kit.
don't get someone to fit it for you... if you know how to use a screwdrive and a ratchet, go get your hands dirty and learn a bit more about your car ;)
you get instructions how to install it with it anyway :)
i got it from K&

Exhaust -
i dont know much about them... all i know is if your after sound you need a "back box" i believe.
personally i hate them.
if you have it you are going to have to put up with a constant drone on long drives, they annoy lots of other people, and give police an excuse to pull you over and bother you.
sorry no idea on prices either.

if your interested in learning a bit more about cars and learning to mod them have a look at these guys... *Removed URL as per our T&C's*
i learnt a fair bit form them

Anyother questions i will try help you out with :)

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