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Hey all with my inside info of the Oil industry I can tip off everybody about fuel prices in the coming week (On a UK Average)

Don't tell anybody i know ;) just our secret.

Price of Diesel Per Litre
UK Av dropping by 0.70p
to £1.43.60

Price of Unleaded Per Litre
UK Av Dropping to £1.33 ppl (Down by 0.00.62)

IF people want I will do this every week so people can get the heads up!

The biggest drops by brand
1. Esso 1.2 p (On diesel) 1.1p (Unleaded)
2. Texaco 0.9p (Diesel) 0.7p (Unleaded)
3. BP 0.76 p (Diesel 0.8p (Unleaded)
4. Shell Same as Above

They are your best bets for bargains this week (Commencing Sunday)
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Keep the info coming mate. I filled up with £90 worth the other day wish if known this.
Do you ever fill up at the Esso in Walmer mate? If so I have a voucher that gives 3 p per litre off it you can have I never go to deal so your welcome to have it waynee xD I will do all I can to let all of us know about the price's etc I get them in inc VAT and Exc Vat so I can tell both if need be
No sorry buddy, but thanks for the kind offer. I only ever fill up with shell vpower and this tank load should hourly last me all month.
The companies do it and the regulators approve it known as the Platts Price which could be for e.g. 98 ppl then they add on as much margin as they see fit
I love Esso because of Exxon Super Unleaded Is Great Quality Fuel I find it has increased my MPG xD Personally I would chose either Shell or Esso but there isnt a Shell Garage Near Dover :(
Because its 98ron and its the same accross the board. You can buy 98 stuff from privt garages accross the country but the quality will change. Vpower is guaranteed accross the board.

BT ultimum (97) is terrible. Esso Super (97) is ok. Texico Super (98) is good. Gulf Super (98) is ok/good Tesco momentum (99) is terrible in my car, but good if your car is mapped to it/or you have a new (3y/o max) car.

My opiniun and from what I have been told that is :D
Shell v power diesel is really good. Texaco I find good aswell. Dnt use supermarket fuels anymore as I find that my consumption does up by an extra 10% ish
Got to agree v power is the best!it took a while for our local garage to get it in!. I have heard of supermarket fuels not being so good,will always use v power.
I've always wondered about Tesco Monemtum 99 as its 99RON... so should easily be as good at V-Power but then its a 'supermarket' fuel so I never bothered... I always fill the RS4 with V-Power, do you guys reckon Tesco 99 is worth a go?
Vpower gives me another 30 miles to the tank and feels much more responsive which is why I stick with it. I'm also impressed with the Tesco Super unleaded but I never go over to Tescos so never get to buy it.

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