Ac making grinding sound.


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Honda Fit 1.3 GE6

I just sent my car for 10k servicing. The next day, my car makes grinding sound whenever I turn the AC and accelerating. It blows cold air. Just when I accelerating during pick up, it makes the grinding sound and disappear after at a certain speed but makes the noise again when slowing down.

My first mechanic told me it is the compressor issue. I went to the workshop where I bought the recon compressor, he told me it’s the tensioner pulley issue. I still have warranty from them. Is tensioner pulley really the cause of it? And is tensioner pulley part is from the compressor?

Help car been giving lots of problems the past few months. :( it even died twice when I was at the traffic light. Driving an automatic gear. Mechanic said it could be EGR Valve or the Mass air flow sensor.
The airconditioning unit contains pistons that compress the gas used to cool the air. As they wear out they can cause a grinding noise, it could be badly lubricated or there may be some debris that has got in. If not fixed you may need to replace the compressor entirely.
Hey Wayne,

how can I tell the mechanic when the one I bought from them said it’s not the compressor issue? They even told me it’s the tensioner issue and charging me $290SGD. The grinding sound only appear when I turn on the aircon and when accelerating at a speed from 0-40km/hr. Above that, the sound is gone. What do I need to look at or maybe I can check myself to confirm it’s the compressor issue and not the tensioner.
Actually thinking about this and what you've explained the compressor piston fault will make the noise all the time, not just when accelerating.

Has the belt that drives it been checked/replaced or did they fit the old belt? When accelerating the pulley speed changes, if the belt is slipping as it's not at the correct tension you could be having a grinding sound.

Does accelerating slowly feel and sound ok but accelerating hard causes the problem?
When I accelerate slowly, and till 40kmh(24mph), it will have the sound. When I drive fast, there’s no sound. Only happen sometimes when I start the car and start the aircon. Moving slowly till 24mph will have the sound. Above that, no sound.
It say get the tensioner checked and fit a NEW belt. Never ever use an old belt on anything. They stretch and never seem to go back to how they were before you had the work done.
Happy New Year Guys! So today I tried turning on the aircon, but I put the fan to zero. The sound went off. But with ac on and turning the aircon to 1-4, sound it up. So should I just change my belting first?
That's the cheapest and potentially easiest fix. It should have been done anyway so nothing lost by trying it, and the tensioner might be set spot on this time around.
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