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A4 2.0 Tdi quattro
Hi all. Just recently joined the site and am after a bit of advice?
I've not long bought an Audi A4 (07) 2.0 tdi quattro 170. It's an ex company car and I've had it serviced and a bit of work to sort out the obvious problems (EGR pipe and valve had been damaged due to a fire under the car, which I had replaced). I've come from a 55 plate BMW 320d and I find the Audi a bit 'weak' in the lower rev range, especially in 1st and 2nd gear.
I've approached a Bosch tuning garage for an ECU remap and he says that they can't remap the car. Not a 100% sure why, but I think it was something to do with the DPF and that the engine doesn't take well to a remap. I've been looking at other tuning companies online and they claim to be able to conduct the remap. There are some companies that will remove the DPF, is this going to cause a drama and shorten the life of my engine or cause wear on components?
Does anyone know if I'm on a hiding to nothing with this or if the engine will take a particular remap without causing me any future problems?
Any input would be greatly appreciated as this is the first stage of my car overhaul (brakes, tyres, air mass meter, straight through exhaust) and any other tips as how to get the performance up (without caning the fuel) would be brilliant.
i used to have an audi the dpf is the cause but its not a lost cause. i will try an dig out the company i used. they are very good not the cheapest but they use your cars ecu to make a chip that works with your car to give you what your looking for.

as for the other mods your looking at. putting a cold air pipe from low down into the air box with an k&n panel filter works well. also smooth out the vains inside the air filter box makes for a smoother run into the engine. take out center box on the exshaust to free the flow out with a miltek back box. the ecu will adjust to the change in fueling without it costing you in mpg

hope this helps for starters. like i said i will dig out the company i used for you
speak to awesome gti or AMD essex.

the DPF doesnt seem to be that bog an issue on the newer CR engines. the problem was more with the older PD engines producing too much soot and blocking up the DPF way to fast

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