a4 b5 1.8t hesitation and air bursts


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Hi all,
My car sometimes on accelerating will reach 2500 revs in 3rd and 4th then fail to boost almost stammering, if i release the pedal it can clear ,if i keep my foot down it results in a series of air bursts from the engine bay.
I have fully maintained this car, all airways,pcv system,throttle body clean,right plugs,etc.
Any of you guys got a idea on what is occurring.
Hi Wayne.
I had the front of the car in service position the other week and removed and cleaned all intake hoses and the intercooler,the car has been chipped(dyno tested this week at 179hp), n75j and 710n diverter are three years old.
The problem is only intermittant and occurs when i am driving lazily
On the dual carriagway it will make good boost in every gear, i dont know if the ecu addapts to driving style?
Id like to put a k03s into it at some point do you know if it will run on my remap with standard exhaust and air intake?
179hp is ok but if i could get 210hp with no issues i would go for it at some point.
Borg Warner have reduced the price of their new turbos a standard k03 029 is only 375 plus vat.
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Had them read at audi the only one to come up was throttle body which i cleaned,it cured rough idle.
I was wandering if it could be waste g actuator but at 2500rpm the car is only just coming into boost,this is when the prob occurs.
Is the EML on now?? if so get it back on the computer
My first guess would be coil pack, then I would be looking into a vacuum leak
Never seen the eml light on?
Wanted to put a larger turbo on to the car but have been told difficult(code word for expensive) because aeb engine has no map sensor and would have to swap ecu plus other things.Is there a simple way round? i have 179hp with a remap and would like to have 210hp with a k03s-073 or a k04-15 after searching the net i am confused.Maybe i should stay where i am with the car.Seems that the maf would just not send the right signals with all that air flow.Maybe i will ask the guys who mapped the car they said i will not get any more because it only has a small turbo k03-005.
Can someone please explain.

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