A4 2.0TFSi Limited Slip Differential Install and new Anti Roll Bars


Hi Guys,

Does anybody have any experience of driving a B7 2.0TFSi S-line Cabrio with a chipped engine and an LSD Fitted. I was looking at the APR switchable chip to take it up to 245 BHP and asking them to fit a LSD at the same time. I just want to know if it helps get the power down more effectively. (especially in corners) and does anyone know the new 0-60's with this kind of set up.

Also, does anyone have any experience of using APR generally? They seem like a pretty professional outfit but any first hand knowledge would be appreciated!

I was wondering if stiffer front and rear anti roll bars would help at all.

PLEASE PLEASE let me know -

Thanks a bunch - Cyrus
as much as i know about APR is that they have been around for years havnt delt with them though personally so i dont know on that front, but as for fitting uprated anti roll bars, it will make quite a big improvment on the handeling, most cars come from the factory tuned for understeer to make them safe and more predictable, you fit uprated anti roll bars it makes the car much more egar to turn in but in turn give you more chance of the back end stepping depending on the car, i know i'll be getting some for my car at some point so they are worth getting in my oppinion

the LSD is a great way of getting the power down as well, cars with no LSD's struggle to get the power down as the power tends to get sent to the wheel with the least grip, LSD's make sure the power gets sent to to all the engine driven wheels equally so you dont lose the use of the power that the engine is putting out in corners or on slippery surfaces
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