A4 2.0 BLB oil pressure


A4 blb
Wonder if anyone could help changed sensor new oil pump new hex key new balance shaft fresh oil and filter new chain and sprokets and tensioner cleaned pickup. Zero pressure on gauge I'm lost maybe oil cooler blocked?? Seems like there is a leak at the gasket but zero pressure HELP
Hi and welcome |B

Am not familiar with your car but do know of a 5 cyl diesel that has problems with the oil pump if the oil pan has been drained for too long and won't self prime after an oil change but don't know if the Subi has similar problems in that area.

Hope a Subi expert on here will be able to help diagnose your problem.

Please let us know the outcome.
Have you used an oil flush? Sludge build up was a big issue on these engines. The turbo tends to cook the oil, and if it is low quality non VW 405(*or whatever they say) you will end up with sludge blocking the oil lines.

A decent flush will help clear this through as it softens up the oil and loosens the crud. The trouble is that you need some circulation for this to be effective.

If you can warm up the engine it may help thing start to flow.

Was any oil mixing with coolant? Did the oil level drop quickly?
Thanks for the update. I feel for you it's so annoying when a new part is not working, you kind of assume it was fixed and start looking elsewhere.

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